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Everything Regarding a Wedding Video Montage


There are two ways and basic styles we go about making your Wedding Footage into a Montage / Short Video Vignette.

1st: As demonstrated in our first example below, we go out to a location/s and shoot the couple and if applicable the bridal party.

2nd: We take the highlight footage from the documentary edit and do the same: Lockyer Video Productions will send you an edit via Vimeo of the clips with flowable transitions to get a feel for the footage to help with thinking of  the importance of each clip and a song/s that you would love to see edited with your clips.  

(It is recommended that if you are choosing to have a montage from Documentary footage that you book more then 1 Videographer to allow for at least 2 angles which increases the quality and overall intensity of the Montage of your special day)

Deluxe – Contracting a Videographer who’s main purpose is to shoot shots in a style for a Montage is ideal. Her/His shots accompanied with the other angles from more fixed documentary style positions make for superb productions. 

(Note* We do last minute bookings but if possible, it is important to book us at least a couple of weeks ahead of time so we may organize who’s covering your event, equipment and logistics check, answer any important questions or concerns you have, obtain as much information about your event as needed)

Here is an example of Shooting clips for a Wedding Video Montage:

We will go out to a location and film You Both and your Bridal Party if applicable

Then send you a rough edit like the one below for you to watch and think of music of your own choosing to have your clips edited to.

Clips From Danesa and Jeffrey’s Wedding at the Japanese Tea Garden from Lockyer Video Productions on Vimeo.


Here is the Final Product of the couple’s video once they dialed down a song for their clips!

Danesa and Jeffrey’s Wedding Day at the Japanese Tea Garden from Lockyer Video Productions on Vimeo.


-The light disclaimer!

Some songs chosen might not fit the feel and possible manipulation of the clips from event’s location, and complementing of the couple’s character.

It is also helpful to provide a list of songs -from top choice to secondary and so on after.

**Also, online video posts can be private on request so that you would need to know the link / unique URL address to be able to view and share!


Check out more of our Wedding Video Montages on Vimeo: (Full HD on: )