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Are DVD’s Copyable???


It is  your video to make as many copies yourself as you want.

It’s suggested to save money to Order 1 DVD and make copies yourself if you want to reduce the overall cost of your package.

We suggest having your media on a Storage Unit such as a Hard Drive, Flash Drive. Media will be formatted in any format you want.

If you decide on having your media on a Drive, the Drive will be purchased for cost and depending on the formatting of your project, shipping and handling.


We do last minute bookings most of the time, but it is always best to plan ahead.

Your day is not fully booked until our obligations contract is signed and a deposit is made.

All Wedding Videography Deposits are a set $150’s out of your total.

If you are not booked and plan on Lockyer Video Productions  saving your day

it’s up to chance that someone else doesn’t come through with a signed obligations contract and their booking deposit fee.

Contractual Terms and Conditions?   Found Here:    Wedding Videography Terms and Conditions

Does Lockyer Video Productions attend the Rehearsal?

Yes, most of the time. -We actually prefer.

LVP has filmed many weddings, but we always pride ourselves on knowing details such as the expected “roll-out” of the event and Location’s details

Meet the important people participating in the Wedding event.

There may be a gas fee for travel if your event is outside the immediate bay area or have two or more  locations miles apart.

Gas fees may be included for both the rehearsal and event day.

Do you offer Next Day Edits?

No, not really. We pride our selves in our production value and take time in editing your special day.

(Typical / Average  Turn around time for your finished production is 3 weeks to a month)

Do you work with Photographers?

Yes we do.

We have a few preferred photographers we have worked with. If you need Photography we can forward you links to their Websites and or Portfolios.

Filming on location

Depending on how many cameras/videographers you contract the chance of your memorable moments being captured well goes up exponentially.

Our budgeted packages include only one videographer/one camera so respect for the videographer’s angle for a fluid shot is very important.

Lockyer Video Productions is NOT responsible in the unfortunate event a guest or a Non Lockyer Video Production’s employee blocks a shot resulting in the compromise of capture.

We do have tripods, ladder/tripod rigs, lighting, wireless mics, and lenses to aid in capturing your day allowing for a great production value.

Lockyer Video Productions takes great pride in our craft, but as  I hate to be coarse, the expression “You get what you pay for” applies.


Our Videos are Shot in HD. If your package includes any online video posts they will be in HD.

Typically DVD’s are Formatted in regular Digital Video (DV) for most Television sets.

Blue-ray production, extra fees apply.

How Much is this really going to cost me?

We pride our selves on being straight forward! Check out what you get for your budget: Wedding Videography Costs

You will be quoted via email in writing, and that quote will be included in our contract.