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What Makes a good Video for Event Videography?

Budgets aside, Lockyer Video Productions Prides itself on our craft.

Below is a detailed list for what makes a good video


MAIN KEY: Securing the right angles:

For Event Videography this means we (you, us, and the event coordinator / planner)

plan out how the event is going to roll out and placing 1 camera in a spot that will capture most of everything, a “main angle.”

Then we (Lockyer Video Productions) place secondary cameras to capture more intimate shots of the subject/action.

Preferably a Secondary fixed position and a 3rd “mobile” camera that can be even more mobile then the secondary camera.

This setup is great for Wedding Videography or Filming a Structured Event like a Birthday Cotillion

or any event where each part of the event is planned.

Events that are “ad-libed” and “on the fly” are very difficult to film where the margin for something to go wrong goes up exponentially.

Lockyer Video Production’s Experience and Skill coupled with pre planning and communication equals excellent event coverage!

It is suggested that you book more cameras with us and it will greatly improve the overall coverage of your event.

Time frames are also important

LVP will prep for the next shot and standby after the last shot, but a general understanding of the “where and when” is important.

Circling Back to communication:

We tend to experience events don’t always go as planned and we always work as a team to make sure our job can be done.

LVP does an excellent job coordinating with key planners throughout the event staying on top of the day’s schedule,

but if there are any altercations, delays, or shifts in schedules it would be nice to be notified.

Our Job is to film. We can only do so much else when we are filming and preparing the next shot.

Documentary Filming VS Best Shots for a Short Montage

The ideal Event Videography Package includes a Documentary Video and a Shorter Montage to the days Highlights.

What people seem to not understand with our Weddings Special Offer Packages that come with one Videographer

is that a Montage is not included.

We do offer a Montage edit in the Event the Client wants to pay for it and add it later,

but the client has to understand when we shoot for a planned montage for an event we hire a videographer

Who’s job is to obtain the shots for a montage edit.

This videographer repositions his/her self constantly throughout the event while the other two are in their fixed positions for their shot.

We transition the best shots for the Montage Edit from any of the three camera angles during the event. 

but understand with our Special Offers a Montage Edit of the day’s highlights will not be as high of production level with one camera.

( Montage edits that are planned and filmed for in advance trump by far any event filmed by 1 – 2 videographers who are just documenting the event. )

***General Event Videography Pricing to you can be seen on our:  ” Event Video Pricing ( At the bottom of the page under the Quote Request form )

Keep in mind: “Do you want your Videographers to be more Discreet or More Out Front In Your Face

(Not literally “In your Face” but more exposed then set up in the back -out of site / out of mind)

   and what that means for your end project!

Don’t be afraid to tell us you really want a particular shot

and you do not mind that a videographer is going to be in a spot that might interrupt the visual cosmetics of your event for your guests.

Example: During Wedding Ceremonies Some Couples want a close shot of them from behind the officiant

showing the event with a Close-up of the Bride & Groom with guests in the background.

During that shot the guests will see the ceremony roll out with a videographer behind the officiant and the couple.

-That is what it takes to get that shot and you have to ask yourself:

“Do I want my Family and Friends to remember Our Special Day as a Video Production or as a Wedding?”

LVP is happy to oblige either way…

Also it is important to know what the rules / restrictions on a location might be for Videography & Photography

LVP has filmed at locations where we were not permitted to set up our equipment / have a camera in a particular location

that greatly compromised our ability to film the event to it’s fullest.

An Example of this would be at some churches, we were restricted on where we could place cameras to capture the ceremony.

Luckily we took the initiative where the couple and event planner did not

(we attended the rehearsal and asked those important questions).