Greater Bay Area Commercial Video Production for: Web / Website, TV | Cross-promotional / Multi-channel Marketing Videos

General Questions

Do you film HD?

Yes, of course we do. -3D coming in the future if that market matures!

Do you offer Photography too?

Not really. We work with Quality Professional Photographers. Ask us and we will forward their information to you.

How long have you been doing this?…

Lockyer Video Productions has been around since 2008.

Founder is Derek Thomas Lockyer who is the head Videographer, Editor, Producer.

Derek has networked with good friends who share the same interest in offering you quality videography.

What equipment do you use?

Always On-hand Equipment:    Professional Equipment

We also have the ability to use obtain more if needed depending on who we bring into your project and what we may need to rent.

( Equipment rental fees will be included in your total production )

Where are you located?

Palo Alto, California

Where do you film?

All over the Bay Area and beyond!

Your References?

Yes, of course!

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