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Interesting Article on the Importance of Video Marketing

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What has always been such a big deal for me in prior work environments is convincing a boss / superior decision maker what would be useful or just a good overall business decision with available resources.

We have seen a big shift in the importance of the internet as it has evolved into what it is today. The imagination seems limitless when applying Moore’s Law to the internet’s future potential.

I can remember back to the days in college when my Business Professors started to have streaming lectures. I thought how great is it to be able to stay at home sipping my coffee in my pajamas listening to my Professor go over his/her lesson. Only problem: I was using my old dial-up internet connection provided by my Pops. As a poor college student I had to make due. It would take an hour + to have a 15 minute quicktime video file buffer! The tools I had at my disposal had a direct impact on my ability achieve end results. I noticed this not just in my younger years but also in my work environment. I had a Boss who did not see the potential of investing in better internet connectivity, a more useful website, a couple of databases, and a few other things that were prohibiting our growth and prohibiting our basic function in a fairly fast changing business environment. You may wonder why your Boss just cannot make sense of it all. Needless to say that Boss in particular liked file cabinets with out of order client files, faxing, and cash cowing -what could I have done to convince him he could make more money through some small investments?

Your situation may have hope!

With web video platforms that have existed for some years now like YouTube and others like Vimeo, Facebook Videos, Etc. You can easily upload Video! The way the web works with search engines, Youtube videos will in cases come up before websites! This is especially the case when your website doesn’t have a web presence, you are in a cluttered and crowded market, or just have a lot of unrelated stuff on the web floating out there that disrupts your target audience from finding you!

Plus having a Business Profile Video, Website Informational Video, Videos for your Product or Service provides a far better communicative reach then just your website as itself.

I just finished reading this article on this blog from my VideoPro Linkedin Group:

One Market Media’s

Marketing with Video and Rich Media Blog

( )

“8 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Video Marketing”

Maybe this article can convince your boss to make a good decision to invest in Video Marketing.


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