Greater Bay Area Commercial Video Production for: Web / Website, TV | Cross-promotional / Multi-channel Marketing Videos

Questions about Commercial Video Production


Commercial Media can be the answer you need to get your product or service noticed by potential clients.

LVP works with you to help reach your audience and demonstrate your product’s purpose, draw and call to action.

A TV commercial video is referred to as a “Spot” which runs on TV networks in predetermined geographical areas of your choosing.

We work closely with small business and large business alongside cable providers such as Comcast Spotlight.

We film and produce an end resulting 30 second spot or a quicker 15 second spot that showcases your company’s product or service and how/where/when to get it.

This process includes working with you on your pre-shoot groundwork such as developing your story board,

determining any shoot locations, gathering the equipment and talent that will make your commercial really good!!

Post production editing, professional voice-over acting, music and accurate and timely formatting and submitting of your media to your local cable provider. 

Below are Resources and Answers to General and Frequently asked Questions Regarding Commercial Video:

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How do I let Lockyer Video Production’s know what I envision for my Commercial?