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Why Hourly Rates for Non-Event Videography Projects Do Not Matter

We get this question a bunch when people ask for non-Event video projects:

How much do you charge per hour?

Sometimes the client expects that is the total cost for the whole project.

Basic Hourly Rates Applied to Lockyer Video Production’s Current Capacities:

( Only Applicable to Filming at a Shoot )

$50-$400 Equipment with Setup and Breakdown

$25 per hour per person

Travel Fee/s Dependent on Locations

Hourly Rates Do Not Include Post Production

Factor in the whole project!

Pre-Shoot legwork

    (communication with you: getting your project dialed down with a complete project outline),

Pre-shoot travel, equipment and staff needed to do the shoot,

travel to the shoot location/s, shoot prep time, “nailing the shots,”

Does your project need any music and or Voice-Over? 

Post production: 

  Going through each shot, editing together the flow of each shot with the music,

  voice-over, titles, images and animation

Video formatting:

  Yelp, Comcast Spotlight, YouTube, Vimeo, etc

      -they all have guidelines for video codecs (formats) that we are well familiar with.

  This formatting takes time for the editing machine to process and time taken for the upload.

With all these aspects, possibly more, and the unplanned we give you a fair, reasonable quote that is very competitive.

We feel it is professional for you to return a bit of respect for our craft and drive in our job to bring you a great video production.

-“You get what you pay for”  is a quote that comes to mind.

For an hourly rate filming to be the “end-all-be-all” for our quote,

we can film your shot-list on location for an hourly rate, then give you the clips after the shoot.

We try to keep our pricing down for you as best we can while still making our skill sets a profitable business.

That is why we strongly suggest to keep your organization as best as possible.

Low and Accurate Quotes depend on knowing what we need to do to get your project done right and well the first time.

Dial down the shot-list for each location and scene.

Have a Complete and final script.

Provide your voice over actor or select one from our Voice Over Actor Selection,

and provide a music track or prepare to be charged accordingly for us to provide music.

Here are examples of a great way to show us what is needed:

General Project Description Example

Getting Started: Video Projects – Project Storyboard

Everything will be factored into the overall project for a complete quote.